Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Travel Inn do our bit to help save the Amur Falcon

amur falcon

At Travel Inn we are passionate about nature and we aim to do our bit for the wildlife of India that we love so much. That is why we are joining forces with the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) in order to help protect the Amur falcons. Every year the Doyang Reservoir in Wokha district of Nagaland plays host to tens of thousands of Amur falcons between October and November. It is believed to be the single largest congregation of the migrating Amur in the world.

However sadly, it is not just nature enthusiasts that have become aware of the Amur falcons annual migration; this area has also been identified as the major site for hunting. Last year it was estimated that some 60,000 Amur falcons were hunted and killed in the Wokha district alone. As a signatory to the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS), India is duty bound to provide these winged visitors with safe passage on their long journey from Siberia to South Africa.

WTI’s Rapid Action Project (RAP) programme is supporting the authorities and local communities to address the issue by initiating sensitization and livelihood support activities in Wokha to dissuade hunting of these migrating birds. As a result, the local community has pledged to protect the Amur falcon and 15 erstwhile hunters have formed themselves into watch squads to patrol the area of the Doyang Reservoir.

Please follow this link if you would like to find out more or even to donate yourself.